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Special Edition: Mid-month Blog Digest

New articles that I just couldn't wait to share (plus a big win I had, just this morning :))

I had a huge win on Medium today and I just couldn't wait to share it with you.

This article was published in "The Post-Grad Survival Guide", one of the largest and fastest-growing publications on Medium. It is a huge win for me. I hope you enjoy it.


Want to Be a More Valuable Employee? Drop Your Ego

Be you, but take “the me” out of the equation.

(And if you are a Medium subscriber, please consider following my publication "Less Stress, More Success"). I will be sharing information on exciting future plans for this publication in my monthly newsletter.


Here are friends links to my published articles during the first half of September. As always, I invite you to reach out if something sparks your curiosity and you'd like to have a conversation. My wish is to spark inspiration and insights that enrich your day and your life.


Happy reading!

A Thought on Letting It Go

How to Get What You Want Through Surrender

Holding the Paradox of Deep Intent While Letting Go Completely

A Thought on the Nature of G-d

Is G-d something that we can define or is G-d a label for an experience, an essence?

28 of the Most Amazing Quotes for Those Who Are Searching for Ultimate Truth

An invitation into the 3 principles understanding and the wisdom of Sydney Banks

A Thought on Our Inner Wisdom and the Bible

A Few More Thoughts About the Nature of God and Our Experience

What Are the 3 Principles?

The understanding that is changing everyday lives every day

Thoughts on the Nature of Personal Transformation

Experiencing personal transformation through an intellectual understanding vs. an embodied understanding

How to Get Yourself to Exercise When You Don’t Want to

An Invitation to Be an “Average Bear”

Through a 3 Principles Lense

Feeling Lost is the Most Amazing Place to Start

A 3 Principles musing on the power of potential

How the Healing Power of the Mind Brings Clarity to the Soul

Doing less to eclipses the power of doing more


Why Thomas Rhett’s Song “Be the Light” is the Perfect Remedy for Covid Days

Or any days that are calling out for some inspiration and a great feeling

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