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Less Stress More Success(2020) - a publication Dedicated to sharing the wisdom of the 3 Principles

The following is a list of friend links for each of my articles published in 2020.  They are listed in alphabetical order.  If you are having trouble finding an article, please feel free to contact me from the home page.  

15 Wonderful Things That Can Happen When You Stop Thinking

20 Ways I Know That God is Absolutely Real

24 of the Best Quotes for Someone Looking for a Little More Hope

28 of the Most Amazing Quotes for Those Who Are Searching for Ultimate Truth

An invitation into the 3 principles understanding and the wisdom of Sydney Banks

A Few More Thoughts About the Nature of God and Our Experience

A Thought on Letting It Go

A Thought on Loving What We Do and Doing What We Love

A Thought on Our Inner Wisdom and the Bible

A Thought on The Creative Nature of Thought

A Thought on the Nature of Creativity, Divinity, and the Ego

A Thought on the Nature of G-d

Is G-d something that we can define or is G-d a label for an experience, an essence?

A Thought on the Nature of Play and the Game of Life

Afraid of Heights? Me Too. But This is What I Learned

An Exploration of the Fantasy of Thought

An Invitation to Be an “Average Bear”

Through a 3 Principles Lense

Can Spirituality Make You Better, Smarter, and More Successful?

In the silence of our minds lies creative incubation, bringing the wisdom and joy we all seek. — Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

Connection is What Happens When Souls Kiss

Exploring the divine essence within kindness

Controlling Your Environment is Not the Answer

Ego, Love, and Wonder in Being

A poem

Everyone is Different and Yet We Are All the Same

Feeling Lost is the Most Amazing Place to Start

A 3 Principles musing on the power of potential

Finding Contentment and Creativity During Social Isolation

Can the nature of hope and possibility help us find that good feeling?

Finding the Amazing in the Yucky


Finding the Incredible in the Most Mundane

and Finding the Most Mundane in the Incredible

Finding Your Truth in Your Inner Self

The ultimate act of you being there for you

Gratitude in the Beauty and Simplicity of a Simple Day

Hanukkah is a Metaphor for Today’s Challenges…and Tomorrow’s

How I Found Innovation and a Great Feeling in a Quiet Day at Work

A Solopreneur’s Journey

How the Healing Power of the Mind Brings Clarity to the Soul

Doing less to eclipses the power of doing more


How to Find Beauty and Strength in Listening to Create

The Kabbalistic teaching of Chashmal


How to Find True Wellbeing in Your Life

No practices or affirmations required

How to Find Your Life Juice in the Quiet of the Dream

How to Get What You Want Through Surrender

Holding the Paradox of Deep Intent While Letting Go Completely

How to Get Yourself to Exercise When You Don’t Want to

How to Get the Most Out of Your Team

How to Love the Complainers in Your Life

How to Quiet a Busy Mind

The moment we notice that we are caught in our thinking mind we return to the present.

How To Really “Let It Go” and Not Just Be Faking It

Because even though you know it didn’t mean anything, it is still bothering you.

How to See More and Transform Your Life

The story of an everyday miracle

How to Stop Feeling Like a Victim and Find Joy

The answer lies behind a simple misunderstanding

How To Stop Worrying and Just Clean Your Glasses Instead

There is a different way to look at your emotions. They probably aren’t telling you what you think they are.

I Answered These 11 Questions and This Is What Happened

Spoiler alert: I found my inner superhero

I looked at the Intersection of Personal and Divine Will and This is What I Found

The surrendering and ultimate merging of personal will into Divine will is what [G-d] smells as sweet savour.— Sarah Yehudit Schneider

New Possibility for a Mind Full of Worry

No-Thought vs. Wonderful Thoughts, What is the question?

On Being Good With What Is

On Being in the Space of No Thought

On Being Your True Self

Thoughts from the 3 Principles and being in the now

On Looking For the Even Keel

Pondering the Nature and Illusion of Reality

Stop Thinking You Need to Know What You Want to Be When You Grow Up

The difference between living from inspiration and living from goals

The 3 Things That Are True For Everyone on the Planet

The Best Job Search Advice I Ever Got Was from My Mom

And I have been offered (almost) every job I have ever applied for

The Best News About Being Nothing Special

And how to bring great joy to the journey we call life

The Best Place to Look for Your True Self

Hint: It’s been with you the whole time

The Happiness Equation

Finding more in less

The Limitless World of Abundance That is Born Within Our Soul

The Paradox of the Inner Soul and the Ego Mind


The Unexpected Path to Healing Chronic Pain — Understanding

From “Painless” — a novel about Chronic Pain and the Mindbody Connection by Chana Studley

The Wake-Up Call That’s Always There When You Need It

How to listen to your body in a way that reduces stress and opens up possibility.

The Year We All Stayed Home — Part I

and the covid puppy who doesn’t quite qualify

This is What Happened When I Surrendered to My Soul

A love letter to my mentors

This Is What to Strive for if You Want True Happiness

This Weekend I Heard From a Dead Man

Thoughts on the Nature of Personal Transformation

Experiencing personal transformation through an intellectual understanding vs. an embodied understanding

Waking Up, the Ultimate Cure For Unwanted Thinking

Understanding our relationship to thought through the window of a dream

Want to Be a More Valuable Employee? Drop Your Ego

Be you, but take “the me” out of the equation.

What Are the 3 Principles?

The understanding that is changing everyday lives every day

What Cancer Taught Me About Resilience

You wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone and yet it brings the most surprising gifts

What is Self-Worth Anyway?

or self-confidence or, or, or…

What is the Journey and What is the Goal?

What to Do When You Want It All to Be Less Overwhelming

Don’t just slow down, stop. Full stop. And this is what will show up.

Where Does a Great Idea Come From?


Where the Best Ideas Come From and How to Find Them

Unexpected lessons for everyone from the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana

Why CBT Doesn’t Work

and what actually does


Why the Best Way to Conquer Time is to Slow Down

A journey into the realm of decision making


Why Thomas Rhett’s Song “Be the Light” is the Perfect Remedy for Covid Days

Or any days that are calling out for some inspiration and a great feeling

Worry and the illusion of scarcity

You Can Be Yourself — Really

You Can Find It If You Want It

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