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How to Succeed in Work and Life

  • An Inside Out Guide for Young Professionals

  • Free Downloadable E-Book

Before the interview
The Best Kept Secrets to Finding a New Job
  • Free Downloadable .pdf

Sunset Flower
5 Days of Inquiry
  • A self-guided experience for discovering possibility and satisfaction.  

Less Stress More Success
  • A Medium publication dedicated to sharing the wisdom of the 3 Principles and Sydney Banks.

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Medium Day 2023 Recorded Sessions
  • The Cure for Too Much Thinkins

  • The Keys to Living a Life of Less Stress and More Success

  • Why CBT Doesn't Work, and What Actually Does

Podcast Interview with Georgia Bazin
  • Exploring Creativity

Podcast Interview with Jasmyne DesBiens
  • A moment of inspiration can come in the littlest things

Podcast Interview with Rob Cook
  • "Be Yourself"

Del (2).png
Podcast Interview with Del Adey-Jones
  • Discussing Kabbalah and finding the amazing in the yucky...

Image by Nick Fewings
Messages of Hope with Martine Brisson
  • "And when we have hope, we are more likely to take action and make the changes we want to see in the world."

3 Principles Global Community
  • The Three Principles Global Community (3PGC) is a non- profit organization committed to disseminating the understanding of The Three Principles as discovered by Sydney Banks to people throughout the world. 


  • Unique philosophy and perceptions that provide new

  • insights in the fields of psychology and education

Friend Links to 2020 Articles
  • A catalog of my 2020 articles organized alphabetically.  

Friend Links to 2021 Articles
  • A catalog of my 2021 articles organized alphabetically.  

Friend Links to 2022 Articles 
  • A catalog of my 2022 articles organized alphabetically.  

Friend Links to 2023 Articles 
  • A catalog of my 2023 articles organized alphabetically.  

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