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Why Spirituality Deserves a Place in Business - and I'm not talking about religion

When we think about the power that our universe holds to create the amazing and the unimaginable, why wouldn't we tap into this unknown to bring our best self to the table?

We so often get stuck in believing that we should rely on our intellect and that our intellect will carry the day. And yet, stop for a minute and think about the unknown place that a new idea comes from. Wouldn't you like to be available to moments of inspiration more often, to live in a world where you can trust that your path is the one most intended, to see the impossible as possible and to fully understand the truth that we create our own experience and that circumstances aren't as important as we often think?

For me, this is what it means to be fully empowered. To not be limited by the limitations of my brain, to bring forth everything that I can never understand to find my full potential in the space of simply being my true self.

Have a listen below and let me know your thoughts on your own unlimited potential.

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