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Thursday Evenings in my Garden

Join me weekly for casual conversation and exploration
Memorial Day through Labor Day
6:30 PM - 8 PM

everyday spirituality for healing, growth, creativity and innovation

Come once or come weekly, your friends are welcome

I hope you will join me this summer for Thursday evening conversations where I will share an understanding that has the potential to impact the way you live your life every day and in every setting.  This understanding has changed my life for the better, allowing me greater ease, less stress, more confidence and increased creativity.  I have watched my friends and colleagues walk away from life-times of anxiety, depression and insecurity.  This is an understanding, not a practice, spiritual in nature, not religious.  It is incredibly freeing and I want to share it with you.  Join me for relaxed conversation and an opportunity to learn and explore together. 

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Video introductions from past sessions:
Dates and possible topics:
May 30 - Introduction to the Three Principles
June 6 -  we live in a world of thought
June 13 - you are already perfect
June 20 - resilience
July 9 (This is a Tuesday) - relationships
July 18 - joy and love
July 25 - moods
August 8 - no class this week
August 15 - decision making
August 22 - habits
August 29 - creativity
(dates and topics are subject to change)

May 30th - Introduction to the Three Principles

June 6th - We live in a World of Thought

June 13th - You are Already Perfect

June 20th - Resilience

July 9th - Relationships

July 18th - Joy and Love

July 25th - Moods

August 15th - Decision Making

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