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Deborah A. Baron

Executive, Leadership and Transformative Life Coach

Deborah A. Baron

Executive, Leadership and Transformative Life Coach

Because you know, deep down, that you could be doing so much more, impacting the world in bigger ways and shining your light so much brighter.  And because I know you can do it with more ease than you ever thought possible.  

Coaching Anchor


- Jessica J. Ellis, Executive Director

"I am so thankful to you, for the time you spent with me, and for the patience and compassion you showed me and the incredible tools you shared with me.


For so much of what I learn, it’s just too easy to move on and get caught back up in the day-to-day and forget the lessons just read or listened to.

But what you imparted to me for those three days has really been “sticky.”  Even when things are hectic or distracting, my mind keeps coming back to your lessons and noodling on it and turning it around. 


In the past, when things got tough, I would get frustrated that I could never seem to be able to use the “healthier” tools I had learned either in therapy or a book while I was actually in the tough times.  But these past two weeks, when things got overwhelming or frustrating, it seemed easy to come back to the lesson that if I just empty my mind and take some space, the right solutions will bubble up.  And that thought alone brought more calm to the situation and made it easier to face it.   From that, I’ve already seen my levels of procrastination start to drop.  (Procrastination has been a life long painful challenge for me and I’ve never had anything I’ve tried even work a little bit to relieve it.)


I’ve had people tell me my whole life “trust your instincts.”  And I just never knew what they meant or how to do that.  And I would identify myself as “I’m just not in tune with my intuition…I don’t have good intuition like some other people.”  But somehow, the way you conveyed it through the three principles felt so much more accessible and I can see that I CAN access better wisdom from a quiet place in side, and then shed all the insecure thoughts that may make me doubt that wisdom and just move forward with faith that it will be fine.


I feel like a piece of big mechanical machinery that’s been slugging along slowly and with a lot of effort due to gummed-up gears.   Now someone just sprayed WD40 in my joints and the gunk is starting to fall away while the gears begin to move a bit smoother. 


I have so much gratitude for you."


Simply said, the three principles is an understanding of how the mind works.  Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.  An ever expanding journey towards more freedom and contentment in business, life, and relationships.  The power to be yourself and to exist fully in the world.  To maximize your potential through a deeper connection to the wisdom you already posses.  It has changed my life, it might change yours as well.  

What are the 3 principles

What is my Logo?

It is an Inukshuk

Inukshuk (pronounced ih-nook-suuk) are traditionally used by the Inuit people of the north as directional markers.  If an individual comes across one in a snow storm that is familiar it is an indication that the traveler is "on the right track".  They symbolize safety, community, kindness, hope and friendship. A simple reminder that each and every one of us is always and ultimately "on the right track".     


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