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Workshops are most effective when customized to the needs of your organization or group.  Some of the workshops I have led recently include:

Everyday Spirituality

Where great ideas, innovation and the highest levels of teamwork are born

Finding greater well-being for higher productivity, creativity, teamwork and innovation  

Finding Higher Levels of Achievement and Satisfaction 

  • Session 1: Exploring the principle of Thought; It’s source, impact and opportunities

  • Session 2: Getting along better with ourselves and others; an exploration of teamwork, mood, compassion and resilience

  • Session 3: How to dream big and know that you are headed in right direction

Improving communication, interpersonal relations, and success

“It’s not you, it’s me – really” finding clarity, wisdom and resilience. 

An informal conversation about:

  • A whole new way to experience your thinking

  • How to find more answers within yourself

  • The three principles of the universe that can make everything easier

to design a great workshop for your group

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