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The Best of August 2020

August has been a very prolific month for me as a writer and blogger. Sharing insights and thoughts both deep and shallow.

I have begun publishing on Medium rather than here on my website. So, here my friends are links to everything that I have published in the past month with special friends links so that you can read them without being a Medium subscriber.

Happy reading!

The Best Job Search Advice I Ever Got Was from My Mom

And I have been offered (almost) every job I have ever applied for

The Paradox of the Inner Soul and the Ego Mind

How to Find Beauty and Strength in Listening to Create

The Kabbalistic teaching of Chashmal

How to Quiet a Busy Mind

The moment we notice that we are caught in our thinking mind we return to the present.

The Best Place to Look for Your True Self

Hint: It’s been with you the whole time

Allow Yourself to Be Yourself and See What Happens

24 of the Best Quotes for Someone Looking for a Little More Hope

Are You Yearning for Better Sleep?

Try This

What is the Journey and What is the Goal?

Can Spirituality Make You Better, Smarter, and More Successful?

In the silence of our minds lies creative incubation, bringing the wisdom and joy we all seek. — Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

I looked at the Intersection of Personal and Divine Will and This is What I Found

The surrendering and ultimate merging of personal will into Divine will is what [G-d] smells as sweet savour.— Sarah Yehudit Schneider

What to Do When You Want It All to Be Less Overwhelming

Don’t just slow down, stop. Full stop. And this is what will show up.

A Thought on The Creative Nature of Thought

The Wake-Up Call That’s Always There When You Need It

How to listen to your body in a way that reduces stress and opens up possibility.

A Thought on the Nature of Creativity, Divinity, and the Ego

A Thought on Loving What We Do and Doing What We Love

A Thought on the Nature of Play and the Game of Life

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