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Blog Digest - November Articles

December 1, 2020

Welcome to December everyone! Here, for your reading pleasure are friend links to all my published articles from the last month.

In case you missed it, we started a new publication on Medium in September called "Less Stress, More Success". It is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of Sydney Banks and the 3 Principles. There you will find writings from a variety of 3 principles students, teachers, and practitioners. If you are a Medium subscriber I hope you will consider "following" us.

We would love to have you write with us! You can find the submission guidelines here:

Look for my full newsletter in the next few days (maybe later today :)).


The Best News About Being Nothing Special

And how to bring great joy to the journey we call life

The 3 Things That Are True For Everyone on the Planet

This Is What to Strive for if You Want True Happiness

Where Does a Great Idea Come From?

Finding the Amazing in the Yucky


Finding the Incredible in the Most Mundane

and Finding the Most Mundane in the Incredible

20 Ways I Know That God is Absolutely Real

Afraid of Heights? Me Too. But This is What I Learned

Gratitude in the Beauty and Simplicity of a Simple Day

You Can Find It If You Want It

Waking Up, the Ultimate Cure For Unwanted Thinking

Understanding our relationship to thought through the window of a dream

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