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Blog Digest - October Articles

November 1, 2020

Welcome to November everyone! Here, for your reading pleasure are friend links to all my published articles from the last month.

In case you missed it, we started a new publication on Medium last month called "Less Stress, More Success". It is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of Sydney Banks and the 3 Principles. There you will find writings from a variety of 3 principles students, teachers, and practitioners. If you are a Medium subscriber I hope you will consider "following" us.

We would love to have you write with us! You can find the submission guidelines here:

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No-Thought vs. Wonderful Thoughts, What is the question?

This is What Happened When I Surrendered to My Soul

A love letter to my mentors

How to Stop Feeling Like a Victim and Find Joy

The answer lies behind a simple misunderstanding

Connection is What Happens When Souls Kiss

Exploring the divine essence within kindness


Why the Best Way to Conquer Time is to Slow Down

A journey into the realm of decision making

How to Find Your Life Juice in the Quiet of the Dream

On Looking For the Even Keel

15 Wonderful Things That Can Happen When You Stop Thinking

How I Found Innovation and a Great Feeling in a Quiet Day at Work

A Solopreneur’s Journey

On Being in the Space of No Thought

On Being Good With What Is

The Year We All Stayed Home — Part I

and the covid puppy who doesn’t quite qualify

I Answered These 11 Questions and This Is What Happened

Spoiler alert: I found my inner superhero

Ego, Love, and Wonder in Being

A poem

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