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Blog Post #135: What I learned from Captain Marvel and the Jewish Holiday of Purim

Dear Friends,  

I hope you are enjoying the signs of spring that are showing up around us; evidence of the wisdom in nature that also resides in each and every one of us.  Over the past few weeks the message below has revealed itself in several interesting places.  Both in the movie Captain Marvel and in the story of Purim.  Do you see it?.  I have used the word "joy" as a euphemism for "all that we want".

I invite you to contact me if you'd like to explore this message more deeply and how it relates to your ease in life and your ability to create what you dream.  

I am also excited to share two new offerings that will improve your organization's culture and performance:  a workshop entitled Everyday Spirituality: where great ideas, innovation and the highest levels of teamwork are born and, a framework for assessing organizational culture that uses the wisdom and experience of your key players to create a higher performing future.  Reply to this email to arrange a  conversation with me about either or both of these.   

As always, I would love to hear from you!

The Secret to Joy is two-fold: (1) Transcend your ego - realize that "it's not about you" and give to a higher purpose. And (2) Be your true-self. Embrace the full power and glory of the true you.

Be well,


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