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Can You Find Wisdom in a Feeling?

July Newsletter I coach young professionals and emerging leaders to find their confidence and competence so they can step into their full potential.


“When the wise tell us to look within, they are directing us beyond intellectual analysis of personal thought, to a higher order of knowledge call wisdom.” — Sydney Banks

This is what I know…

I live in the feeling of my thinking in every moment. Conscious or not, my emotions show up as feelings in my body. That is how I know they are there.

Anxiety — I feel it in my body, fear — I feel it in my body, impatience — I feel it in my body.

“It is we human beings that use Thought to produce such things as our feelings, moods and our overall perceptions of life. “ — Sydney Banks

More often than not, I am not even aware of the thought. I notice the feeling first and I might not even have a name on it. I am running late, and I get a feeling in my body...


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